The Sephardic are the descendants of the Jewish people who were expelled from Spain in 1492, after having lived there for more than one thousand years.

Some historians say Jews arrived in the Iberian Peninsula as a result of the Babylonian exile after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem. They lived there many centuries, excerting great influence and excelling in the various activities and professions they performed, particulary in medicine, sciences, arts, literature and philosophy

Many great men from the Spanish culture were Jewish, Maimonides, Yehuda Halevi, Ibn Gvirol. Ibn Ezra, Yosef Caro, are some of a vast list of wise men who made Jewish culture flourish and shine in Spain.

When they were expelled from Spain by the King Fernando de Aragón and Queen Isabel La Católica, they migrated to Portugal, France, Italy, Holland, The Otoman Empire, The middle East, North Africa and the Americas..

They were forbidden to take anything with them. No money, no gold or silver. They had to practically give away their properties. Historians recount how a house was exchanged for a donkey or a wineyard for a piece of cloth. They only took with them their language, to which they have remained faithful and loyal, as well as to their culture and arts that still prevail.