Elsie Leon is a direct descendant of the Sephardic Jews that lived in Spain and were expelled in 1492. Her ancestors chose Turkey as their new host country. There, her parents Isaac Z"L and Fanny Leon were born in the early decades of our last century, and she received from their parents the rich sephardic cultural baggage, which was in term brougth to peruvian soil, where Elsie was born.

The Peruvian Sephardic community is proud of Elsie Leon and the way she has always contributed to preserving its roots. She dedicates her songs to her parents Isaac Z"L and Fanny Leon. From them she absorbed this beautiful cultural inheritance, preserving it, studying it, and spreading with her voice the endless beauty of the sephardic art.

Lima, Perú, April 2000
Comunidad Sefaradí de Perú